Bournemouth University Compositing Masterclass

Bournemouth University Compositing Masterclass

Elena Estevez Santos, 2D lead at Outpost VFX, spoke to students at Bournemouth University’s NCCA in June


30 June 2017

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We’re really blessed to be based so close to one of the world’s best schools for animation and VFX, and we’ve always attracted top talent from Bournemouth University to come and work with us on great projects.

One of our 2D leads, Elena, wanted to give something back by delivering a three-hour masterclass for MA students at BU, covering compositing and the wider production pipeline.

“I’m really happy that people learned something,” explained Elena. “Talks like these really help prepare students for industry and can offer a slightly different perspective on things than a regular seminar.

“Everyone asked me loads of questions at the end, which was great. One of the most interesting things was that a lot of the people that came along were Houdini users!”

Bournemouth University runs plenty of masterclasses from top studios throughout the year, and we’re really proud to be among them.

We love the idea of helping the next generation of artists to improve their skills and become production ready. If you’re an educator and run studio masterclasses regularly, we’d love to hear from you!