Life: Outpost VFX Awarded Over 100 Shots

Life: Outpost VFX Awarded Over 100 Shots

We are honoured to be working alongside both DNeg and ILM on this incredible undertaking


8 February 2017

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Outpost VFX has been awarded over 100 shots to help bring the sci-fi blockbuster Life to screens in the Spring.

With work entailing set extension, matte painting, wire removal and 3D animation we have a great opportunity to support such a large-scale production.

The biggest challenge with anti-gravity environments is ensuring that the wires supporting the actors are removed to perfection – no small task when they go in front of famous faces!

This is Outpost VFX’s third large production in the last six months and sees us being able to offer our high-end VFX skills to the most demanding of projects.