47 Meters Down Is Getting A Sequel

47 Meters Down Is Getting A Sequel

48 Meters Down promises more thrills after the first instalment grosses over $50m worldwide


13 September 2017

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47 Meters Down – 2017’s highest-grossing independent film – is getting a shark-infested sequel titled 48 Meters Down.

Directed once again by Johannes Roberts, 48 Meters Down is being produced and financed by Fyzz Facility and sold by Altitude Film Sales.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, 48 Meters Down sees the action move from the Mexican coast down to Brazil, as a group of girls go in search of mysterious underwater ruins only to discover that they’re not completely uninhabited... (you can probably guess what’s lurking down there).

We delivered all 426 shots for the original film as sole visual effects vendor, which included fully-CG sharks and other marine life, CG environments, set extensions, digital actors and more.

Outpost VFX’s founding director, Duncan McWilliam, also served as executive producer for 47 Meters Down.

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