47 Meters Down Nears $50m Ahead Of UK Release

47 Meters Down Nears $50m Ahead Of UK Release

Outpost VFX provided all visual effects for the popular shark thriller


25 July 2017

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47 Meters Down, the shark thriller starring Mandy Moore and Claire Holt, has grossed nearly $50,000,000 US since its initial release in June. Outpost VFX delivered over 420 shots for the movie.

This week sees the film launch in the UK and Ireland, following prior releases in the USA, Russia, Italy, South Korea and more.

Since its release, 47 Meters Down has become the highest grossing independent film of 2017 so far. This is an accolade that we’re really proud of at Outpost VFX as we were closely attached to the movie.

Beyond providing the full gamut of VFX for 47 Meters Down – most notably photorealistic CG sharks, vast set extensions, CG environment work and digital actors – our founder, Duncan McWilliam, also served as executive producer on the film.

There are specific figures available over at The Numbers if you fancy taking a look. Check back with us soon for news on more exciting feature film projects we’re involved with.