5 Minutes With... Junior Compositor Felicia Petersen

5 Minutes With... Junior Compositor Felicia Petersen

Stop by for a quick chat with Felicia, who moved over from Sweden to join Outpost VFX in 2017


20 June 2018

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What were you doing before you joined Outpost?
I was at uni, and I did a six month internship in Copenhagen at a smaller commercials VFX company and I realised that I didn’t really want to finish uni. So I decided not to graduate and instead just apply everywhere and tried to get out straight away. I was a little hesitant to [go to] London because I grew up in a small town and London seemed kinda scary!

I found Outpost and the work seemed amazing, the location seemed amazing so I just emailed and said ‘hey, I’m not sure if you’re looking for compositors but hi!’. I got an answer asking if I could start in a week, and I was like ‘wow, I’m moving countries in a week’. It was very exciting.

Where were you living at that point?
I was living in Sweden, back in Malmo where I did my internship.

Do you feel like you’ve developed as an artist since you arrived here?
Yeah, because I’ve been here close to a year now, if you look back to the first clean-ups that I did, both the technique and the speed have become a lot better.

That’s also one of the reasons I wanted to start at a small or mid-sized studio because, especially as a junior, I feel like you have the opportunity to show yourself so much more and have more responsibility, and therefore learn more.

Do you think there’s a good culture here?
Oh yeah definitely, I really like the team. There’s just a good spirit. It was really nice coming to a new country where in the beginning I only knew one person from the studio and now I feel like I have a good network of nice people around me.

What’s your favourite thing about being here?
I’d say the people. It’s so interesting to learn about all the different cultures because we have so many international artists here. It creates an interesting and fun environment and it’s really great to see so many cultures harmonising here.