iBoy On Netflix: Outpost VFX Completes 150 Shots

iBoy On Netflix: Outpost VFX Completes 150 Shots

Outpost VFX has provided all 150 VFX shots for the Wigwam Films’ iBoy, directed by Adam Randall and based on the novel by Kevin Brooks


31 January 2017

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iBoy, a Netflix film starring Bill Milner, Maisie Williams, Rory Kinnear and Miranda Richardson, is the story of 16-year-old Tom, who awakens from a coma to discover that fragments of his smartphone have embedded in his brain, giving him superhero powers.

With the majority of VFX shots involving the visualisation of how Tom connects with and manipulates technology, much of the project consisted of motion graphic elements composited in Nuke. The work also involved numerous digital matte paintings in and around London, green screen window replacements, SFX enhancement and basic clean-up / wire removal / crew removal.

Outpost VFX Supervisor, David Sadler-Coppard, was running this project and on set throughout, working closely with director Adam Randall. All 150 shots were turned around in seven weeks.

This is the second feature Outpost VFX has completed with Wigwam Films, after the award winning Under The Shadow. Both are now available to view on Netflix after iBoy’s global release on 27 January.

“The whole process working with Outpost VFX was truly a joy,” said Adam Randall, director of iBoy. “Not only was their work beautiful, they made the whole process smooth and enjoyable from start to finish.”