Outpost visits National Film and Television School

Outpost visits National Film and Television School

We were delighted to tour of one of the top international film schools in the world.


17 July 2019

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We had a marvellous day touring the National Film and Television School (NFTS) in Beaconsfield.

Based in the historic production site of Beaconsfield Studios, the NFTS has over 400 students enrolled in a gamut of masters and diploma courses in the field of film-making.

We were treated to a look inside the many dedicated suites to sound design, model making, animation, colour and some of the working stages and studios, which have been used in production since the 1920s and saw Britain's first ever 'talkie' recorded there!

We also visited the digital effects labs and got to meet some of the aspiring talent currently enrolled on the digital effects course!

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