Discover Why We've Expanded Our VFX Studio

Discover Why We've Expanded Our VFX Studio

Alongside our work on Bourne, Nocturnal Animals and Under the Shadow, we completed full VFX across nine features, 23 commercials and four broadcast series


20 January 2017

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We filled the studio that we moved into in Autumn 2015, and this month has seen the studio expand by a further 2,000 sq ft, 30 additional workstations and a state of the art cinema, partly funded by SWGF through HM Government’s Regional Growth Fund initiative.

2017 has ushered in our new range of VFX offerings including the use of our 14-seat 4K cinema for VFX editorial and colour grading.

The additional workstations raise our capacity to 80 artists capable of supporting multiple high-end commercials and features simultaneously.

To back this all up, we have quadrupled our GPU render capacity bringing us to over 120 GPU render nodes and we have doubled our CPU render capacity to over 150 nodes. We have invested in increased Pixit data storage to 150TB with a 40TB fast pool streaming 4K uncompressed to our grading and editorial cinema.

Since our NBC Universal MPAA Audit, we have upgraded all aspects of security and transfer and expanded personnel within our IT and pipeline departments to ensure the safety of all our clients’ data.