Cancer Research UK Lab Tour

Working with virtual reality director Richard Nockles we produced 3.5 minutes of video content, demonstrating the story of the research that CRUK funds.

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Cancer Research UK

Outpost VFX Producer

Danny Duke


Working alongside Bournemouth based Agency, Rebweb, Outpost were commissioned to create a virtual reality experience for Cancer Research UK. The aim was to improve access to CRUK’s lab tours, expanding the number of people who can experience first hand the life-saving research funded by donations to CRUK.

Shot using a multi-camera rig (6 GoPros) and stitched together into 360° video in Nuke, the VR experience is narrated by Dr Marina Parry, CRUK-funded PhD prostate cancer scientist.

"The opportunity to see the research is much more immersive, [with people] much more likely to donate after this compared to street collection."

In the virtual tour each laboratory features a hologram to enhance the narrative by providing additional content related to the story. Designed in house by our motion graphics team and tracked into the panoramic video, the holograms are triggered by Unity-powered hotspots.

In demonstrating the virtual lab tour to cancer patients CRUK statistics showed that 100% of people using the tour were inspired by the video, found it easier to understand and were more likely to donate to CRUK; an increase of 9% over people willing to donate after having had a physical tour of CRUK labs.

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