We completed over 120 shots on Bryn Higgins’ highly-acclaimed film, Electricity, starring Agyness Deyn

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Bryn Higgins

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Duncan McWilliam

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Duncan McWilliam


In our first feature film outing way back in 2014, we had the pleasure of working with Bryn Higgins on his well-received adaptation of Ray Robinson's novel.

Agyness Deyn’s character in the film, Lily, suffers from epilepsy, and so quite a few sequences relied on fairly abstract visuals to depict her experience of her condition in a way that felt nightmarish and entirely overwhelming.

In quite a fiddly sequence, we created CG water on the ceiling of a hotel room using Realflow, which we rendered in Arnold. This was coupled with Lily seemingly drowning in a sand simulation on the hotel room floor.

The biggest challenge, however, was a nightmare sequence where a mangy old crow crawls out of Lily's mouth.

We built the crow in Maya and rendered it in V-Ray, using Yeti to achieve the fur and smaller feathers.

As well as all of this, light trails featured as part of Lily’s imaginings of her condition and these were built and animated in Maya as textured strips that were then worked on in Nuke.

In addition to the array of 3D work we undertook, Marcin Kolendo led our Nuke team across dozens of invisible effects shots such as adding lens flares and image morphing and stretching to enhance the psychedelic nature of Lily’s world.

We had to strike a fine balance to achieve a valid representation of how epileptic seizures begin to take hold and as such a personal experience it is incredibly hard to get right. The Nuke team iterated through months of tests and look development to finally get a palette of effects that gave the film its visual impact whilst retaining continuity.

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