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General Electric Ident

We created a CG ident for General Electric that perfectly illustrated the innovative mantra key to the company, and then took it into VR.

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Splice TV

Outpost VFX Producer

Jasmine Hall


This CG ident was for General Electric's sponsorship of Changemakers, a series on CNBC that profiled the innovators making a difference all over the world.

It was completely concepted, built and brought to life by Outpost in just under three weeks.

Commissioned by Splice TV, we showed the key concept of being ‘changemakers’ that is core to General Electric’s innovative mantra in a spectacular, minimalist ‘clean room’ environment, and how an idea can be transformed into a reality.

Created in Maya and rendered through Redshift, we were one of the first studios of any size to adopt Redshift (which provided GPU rendering very quickly) in a meaningful project at the time.

We then took the ident into VR, to show the incredible designs and manufacturing prowess of GE in an immersive environment.

In two additional weeks, we made it into an interactive VR learning tool that illustrated the ambient space and wow factor of giant jet turbines opening up right in front of your eyes to reveal all of the intricate work underneath.

The ident aired across CNBC in Asia, Europe and the US.

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