We re-created this immaculate five-star hotel suite in VR, adding interactive features to make the experience even more immersive.

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This VR experience is a replica of the Knightsbridge Jumeirah five-star suite and was a showcase of how, through photogrammetry, we can capture the details of an existing hotel room and re-create it in virtual reality.

Our replica provided the hotel industry with a new illustrative tool for investors and potential customers, as well as an essential design tool for effortlessly implementing colour schemes and create layouts on the fly.

First we photoscanned the room in its entirety, and then we digitally rebuilt it and added interactive elements to make the tool more immersive. Some of these extra features included making the light switches work and having the TV play trailers.

Clients can then see a true and proportional representation of their room in its entirety, all within a VR setting.

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