Orange Is The New Black

Outpost VFX was chosen by BBH Black Sheep to craft this hilarious commercial for Netflix’s popular TV series, Orange is the New Black

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BBH Black Sheep


Anthony Austin

Outpost VFX Producer

Duncan McWilliam


Working alongside Black Sheep’s Director Anthony Austin, Outpost VFX composited Ally the owl into 24 shots, all of which feature scenes from the originally-aired shows.

Contrary to popular belief we did not puppeteer Ally on the set of Orange is the New Black. Instead we pored over every available episode of the show and chose scenes into which we could craftily insert Ally to work perfectly with the framing and the action.

Once we had sketched out Ally’s positions in the frame we then locked the edit and headed off to the green screen studio.

We matched the set lighting to each of the 24 setups in the edit and, with particular attention to Ally’s scale in shot, the compositing team perfectly matched the grade and created a seamless integration to make Ally a believable part of the cast.

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