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Propel Battle Drones Training App

We developed an app that gives Star Wars fans hands-on training for flying a TIE fighter, X-Wing or Speedster Bike drone.

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Propel RC

Outpost VFX Producer

Danny Duke


To celebrate the launch of leading drone manufacturer Propel’s Star Wars-themed drones, we created a series of stunning films. The company then challenged Outpost to design and create a drone training app. The aim was to familiarise users with the techniques of both flying and battling Propel’s Star Wars-themed drones, ensuring the virtual drones look and fly exactly as if they’re the real counterparts, but without the risk of crashing your brand-new $200 X-Wing!

Outpost worked directly with Propel CEO Darren Matloff and professional drone pilots to design the app from the ground up, rapidly prototyping a physics-based proof of concept before building high-quality CG game assets in Maya and bringing the experience together in Unity. Bournemouth-based games developers Amuzo were commissioned by Outpost to handle the games programming and core mechanics.

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