Propel Star Wars Battle Drones

Outpost VFX was appointed by Propel RC to create a series of videos that showed off its exciting new range of Star Wars-themed drones

Project Category



Propel RC


Almu Redondo

Outpost VFX Producer

Danny Duke


The project included developing concepts, storyboarding and final execution, based on building everything in 3D including the drones and all environments.

One tricky sequence involved building a forest environment based on Endor for speeder-bike drones to fly through.

Our 3D team built the environment in Maya over the course of only a week, using SOuP to scatter tree and bush assets.

Directed internally by Almu Redondo, this main video was used at Star Wars Celebration Europe and was centre stage at Propel’s booth, seen by around 60,000 people over the weekend of July 15-17 2016.

Following our initial film for Propel, in 2017 we worked with the team to develop a a further series of point-of-sale films featuring animated CG cross sections of various models, including an X-Wing drone and its component parts.

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