Propel Tech Film

We teamed up with Propel once again to deliver a series of CG shots for their line of luxury Star Wars battle drones

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Outpost VFX Producer

Danny Duke

Outpost VFX Supervisor

Tom Rowell


Headed up by CG Supervisor Tom Rowell, our 3D team built accurate, deconstructed components from Propel's luxury X-Wing battle drone for the company's latest marketing efforts.

So great was the need for 100 per cent accurate CG components that our modellers kicked things off by physically taking apart an X-Wing drone and its remote control.

This was a crucial step to ensure that we accurately represented every circuit board, propeller blade, wire and screw in our animated shots.

The team used Maya to model all of the components and then animate the sequences. Rendering was handled in typically rapid fashion by Redshift and our on-site GPU farm.

This is the second set of films we've worked on for Propel, following our initial reveal trailer for the line of drones.

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