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We made this creative Christmas promo for Sky Sports, building a 2.5D environment from one still image.

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We were thrilled to create these festive promos for Sky Sports, making four merry spots to air over the Christmas period.

The premise was to create a series of 3D environments from a single still photograph, essentially making it 2.5D.

This 2.5D environment was created through a combination of 3D projection, matte painting and Nuke compositing.

Dave Sadler-Coppard, VFX Supervisor at Outpost, explains how he, and the rest of the team, went about creating the promos.

"Initial photos and reference was shot on location in London, however we quickly realised that most of it would have to be rearranged and rebuilt in comp."

We went to work tidying up the London cityscape, nightgraded it, and added snow and animated elements such as lights, traffic and snow.

We then applied the same techniques across the whole series of idents.

This was Outpost’s first collaboration with Sky and we were thrilled to be able to create all four promos entirely in house.

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