The Last Dance – ITV

Directed by Jon Yeo for ITV, this elegant Emmerdale spot features members of the cast dancing with death itself

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Jon Yeo

Outpost VFX Producer

Gez Hixson

Outpost VFX Supervisor

Elena Estevez Santos


Our brief was to create a realistic apparition that appears and disappears from the mist on set, dancing solemnly with characters from ITV’s long-running soap opera.

To tie in with one of Emmerdale’s famously explosive storylines, the mist descends across the Dales as one of the main characters is murdered.

This project utilised a wide gamut of VFX software to create a realistic apparition in the mist, and our animators had to mimic the movements of a practical dancer on set to create a beautiful piece.

Following this, our FX TDs took the animation and used Houdini and Maya to simulate the mist that permeates every shot.

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